Electrical Panel & Meter Specialist

>> Are you still using an old-fashioned fuse box? >> Have you positioned the house fuse box in such a manner that it is actually difficult to reach it if certain problems occur? >> Does the fuse box have some exposed cables that could pose a danger? >> Do you have an FPE-style or outdated panel? The best alternative in…

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Extra Circuits

Have you faced instances wherein the lights start flickering every time you turn on the hair dryer? Or do you have a new TV or computer that requires good solid grounded power? Give True Tech Electrician Service Oklahoma, the chance to let us install that new circuit for your home and even guide you in let you know if a…

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Hot Tub Installations

You might have always wished for lazy Sunday afternoons when you could have done away with all the chores and simply enjoyed soaking in a hot tub batch right in your backyard. While this has remained merely a dream for some, now it has turned considerably easy to get a hot tub installation. And when you want a means to…

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Home Inspections

Each year, sophisticated buyers all across the country hire home inspectors to give them a clearer understanding of the condition of the home they are buying. Home buyers cannot afford to buy a home with multiple unknown problems. Today, buyers are making their decision with greater peace of mind thanks to electrical inspections provided by True Tech Electric. Because buying…

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