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>> Are you still using an old-fashioned fuse box?

>> Have you positioned the house fuse box in such a manner that it is actually difficult to reach it if certain problems occur?

>> Does the fuse box have some exposed cables that could pose a danger?

>> Do you have an FPE-style or outdated panel?

The best alternative in this case would be to upgrade your fuse box or existent electrical panel. With the advancement in electrical technology, you are lucky enough to get the latest generation of fuse boxes. They can be easily installed at a convenient place and are quite easy to use. In comparison to older fuse-boxes, the new ones have extra protection in the form of circuit breakers. All circuit breakers are known to protect your house circuit with sensitive devices that respond immediately. If there happens to be a fault, the very same circuit breakers cut off to stop the current and avoid any possible dangerous situations.

At True Tech Electrician Service Oklahoma, we know the importance of installing modern appliances in homes. Besides, there are instances wherein due to overloading there have been fires breaking out. You need to upgrade to reduce the possibilities of any electrical fires, make it possible to add additional circuits in the future and in the process amplify the resale value of your home.

To avoid all such instances, the best option would be to hire a licensed electrical contractor would install the complete electrical system without compromising on the safety issues. Give us a call today to allow our skilled electrical technician Ok to come to your home and install the perfectly new electrical panel. Your safety is our prime concern.